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Volunteer Companion

  • Senior woman accompanied by a woman

My name is Naomi, the grand daughter of Annetta Sparks. I enjoyed being a Volunteer Companion since I was a toddler. My great great great aunt Wilmer lived in the home with us and I would visit her and keep her company in the great room where she lived. I would get in the bed with her and we would sing and play. As I have gotten older I have always went out to see the seniors with my Nana and I always make them smile and comfort them with my presence in being there. I would talk to them, hold their hands, pray, sing, look at pictures and sometime eat with some of the clients. I loved Mrs. ABC she thought I was her little girl. She was the client that we provided service for.

I have a great great aunt Johnnie Mae that always would support me, she would come to all of my parties and I have been a huge companion to her life.

Momma Brown is someone I would go out to the convalescent home to see. I take food, talk, and take pictures with her and make her smile and laugh.

My Gigi is someone I would visit with. I talk with her and go out to eat with her on a daily basis. We would sometimes watch movies and just keep each other company. She always support me in all my recitals.

I have a passion for volunteering with the seniors in my family as well as the clients of Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc., caring and sharing with a loving heart volunteering companion.

  • Senior woman in  bed at the hospital with her daughter
  • senior woman in bed and young girl beside smiling