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Sober Escort

Sober EscortFor individuals who have made the life-changing resolve to turn away from their addiction, the pursuit for recovery and complete healing has been intense. However, the existence of a strong support system still remains to be a viable defense against relapse and a dependable push towards complete recovery. This support system used to be composed of therapists, counselors, physicians, and family members. As more approaches are being considered, sober escorts have emerged as another key ally.

Sober escorts at Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. assist a recovering person to ensure that they are present in all their recovery therapies and counseling sessions. These escorts are typically needed for patients who are under the outpatient rehabilitation program. When the patient needs to take responsibility in going to their recovery sessions, the sober escort will have to make sure that they make it to these appointments. In so doing, the patient can attain their goal to recovery.

Among the tasks expected of the sober escort includes, but are not limited to the following:

  • Meets the patient in their location
  • Drives for the patient to their appointment
  • Ensures the patient arrives at their appointment safely
  • Ensures they receive their medical care
  • Makes sure the patient attends their group therapy meetings
  • Helps the patient to get to and from their work or school
  • Looks for social support when patient goes to a destination that puts them at risk for relapse
  • Stays as a friend and companion

If you or someone you know is in need of a sober companion, we will be glad to be of assistance. Contact us for your inquiries.