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Pre and Post Surgery Care

Caregiver serving meal for an elderly woman

Whether your loved one is still on schedule for a major surgical procedure or is already recovering from one, navigating through their care needs can be a hassle. They may encounter difficulties in managing their day-to-day activities, especially after surgery.

For this reason, our team at Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. offers Pre- and Post-Op Care. Whether you’re preparing for a heart operation or if you’ve had a c-section to deliver your baby, we are here to help. In today’s society, Plastic Surgery is a trend and a necessity today, and we recognize that patients need diligent after-care when the major operation is done. To give you time to recover completely, let us be your helping hands. We have a team of exceptional and compassionate Personal Assistants ready to assist you with tasks such as:

  • Assistance with Traveling
  • Bathing
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Changing Linens
  • Checking mailbox/Sending off mail
  • Communicating with Family Member
  • Draining tubes/Foley Catheters
  • Dressing/Undressing
  • Dressing/Undressing Wounds
  • Escorting to Grocery Stores
  • Escorting to Movies/Plays
  • Escorting to Religious Services
  • Laundry/Ironing
  • Making the Bed
  • Preparing Meals/Clean-Up
  • Medication Reminder/Scheduling
  • Pick-Up to/From Hospital Post & Pre-Op appointments
  • Range of Motion exercises
  • Turning patient over
  • Updating Calendars

Do you have a loved one scheduled for surgery or recovering from their operation? Contact us for assistance.