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Our Story

  • Annetta Sparks
  • Annetta Sparks

Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc., was established in 2005 by founder and owner, Annetta Sparks. Ms. Sparks began as a young girl, caring for the elderly and seniors of her community. She began working in the medical field in the mid-1980s for Dr. Darryl Hutchinson M.D. in the City of Hawthorne where she cared for geriatric patients just two doors down from where we now reside as Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. She then moved to work for Dr. Oscar Moore M.D, Internal Medicine Cardiologist in the greater Los Angeles. Her journey with Dr. Moore exceeded over 10 years. During this time, she continued to serve and care for the seniors in the community. She then worked for Dr. William Young M.D. Internal Medicine at Cedar Sinai Towers. Her endeavor in the medical field was deeper than just employment, it became very personal for Annetta. She knew she was chosen by God for such assignments and begin to dream and speak life over the dream God placed inside of her womb. She believes all things are possible to those who are called and begin to vision as though it was already manifested. A vision that can change the world can change an ordinary special girl, keeping this hope and dreams alive through all obstacles God said (Every Victory Comes In Time).

Annetta was put to a real test losing her grandmother, aiding her the last days of her life, caring for her, preparing her for transitioning. Ministering to her spirit and comforting her all the way to Transitional Care. Finally, she bathed her, dressed and groomed her in a Heavenly fragrance for her homegoing celebration. God gave her the courage and strength to complete this assignment, he placed in her hands. Annetta acknowledges that her grandmother was the key to the door opening and this dream of servicing the sick attending to those with personal needs. She gain a wing, later she also took over the care of her Great Aunt Wilmer who was chronically ill and came to live in the home with her. She was convalescent but after the care and love from Ms. Sparks, she regained strength and was not only able to stand but became ambulatory. Ms. Sparks cared for her Great-Aunt until transitioning from life to death, preparing her for transitional care. She also dressed and sent her home in a Heavenly fragrance. She gained her second wing and took the leap of faith. God placed his seal of approval on her work and has blessed her with her wings to soar the world with this God-given gift to be blessed is to be a blessing to others. Being a servant chosen by God to serve.

Ms. Sparks remained current with all CE’S covering all aspects of senior care, as well as Geriatrics, Intellectual disabilities, and mental health/behavior. She has maintained a strong legacy of Leadership since 2005 and is licensed with the State of California Department of Social Services. With her leadership, Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. became recognized affiliates of Private Duty Homecare Association, AGS Geriatrics Healthcare Professionals, National Association for Home Care & Hospice, and California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH), National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Cambridge Who’s Who. Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. is not just to provide care but to provide compassion, empathy, and sincere generosity to our elders, as well as to disabled adults and children.

Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. recently launched Loving Hearts Transportation Services, offering transportation to our elderly/seniors and regional clients. We are currently working on Loving Hearts Hospice & Palliative Care and in the near future, we will extend our services in opening Adult Residential Facilities and Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly and under my 501 (c) 3, Loving Hearts Support Services is coming soon.

Annetta Sparks believes that with PRAYER all things are POSSIBLE. God has given me PATIENCE to get through every PROCESS and continue to run the race with PERSEVERANCE and the spirit to win. I have the PASSION to serve, with Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. and live my true PURPOSE for being a servant. The 7 P’s is completion.