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Meet Our Staff

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Our team at Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. is composed of diligent, licensed, and well-skilled professionals. Whatever your healthcare needs may be, we are dedicated to providing professional, compassionate, and private care.

Our staff is a team of certified nurses assistants and home health aides (HHA), companion and LVN/RN and Nutritionist.

  • CNA – responsibility is to assist clients with daily activities. Some CNA’s may have additional responsibility such as administrating medication.
  • HHA – provides diligent and professional assistance in the client’s basic and personal care, such as bathing, grooming, mobility, and others
  • LVN/RN – takes charge of the health necessities of a client, such as dispensing medication, documenting medical history, wound care, IV therapy, home infusion.
  • Nutritionist – our nutritionist takes charge of planning your meals with great consideration for your specific dietary requirements. We work with you, to ensure that the dishes prepared are healthy and sufficient for your physical condition. We also integrate creative methods to inspire good appetite so that your loved one will enjoy their mealtimes.

We also put high value on the case management of our clients. At Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc., we recognize the need for a collaborative effort among healthcare workers to achieve the optimum health and well-being of your loved one. We speak for our clients in delivering the care plan they may have. We also help our clients understand the care options available for them. We assist our clients with their needs before, during, and after care wherever the place of care is. We also take elderly abuse to heart. We are mandated by the state to report any forms of elderly abuse to adult protective services.