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How We Care

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Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. professionals staff knows how to provide exceptional compassionate care, we will assist you in creating and coordinating a customized plan for your care and services to meet the unique needs of each individual.

  • Initial Care Assessment.We provide a free initial assessment where we meet with client and family members to better understand the health condition and the care requirements. This is also the avenue that we provide for family members to tell us the specific need they have for their loved one so that we can incorporate it into our care services.
  • Care Planning and Design of Service. Now that the care plan is designed and tailored for the client, we allow the family to view care providers and set up interviews with 3 caregivers so that they can select a caregiver that will be suitable to fit their needs.
  • Care Providers. We have CNA, Home Health Aide, Companion, Licensed Vocational Nurse, and Registered Nurse.
  • Case Management. Here at Loving Hearts Private Care our focus to ensure the quality of life, independence, dignity, peace, and assurance; while assisting our clients with Activities of Daily Living. We understand how life and health changes occur and can affect you and your family, which is why we create a unique case for each of our clients’ specific needs. Our Case Manager can assist you with becoming a client with Loving Hearts Private Care while ensuring that your time as a client here with us will be outstanding. Our Care Manager personally makes her best interest to patiently critique each of our client’s needs and preferences. A Case Manager will visit with clients and their families in the home to evaluate and assess their individual needs to ensure proper care. Our caregivers are carefully chosen based on clients needs and preferences. We recognize the importance of compatibility between the personalities of both clients and caregivers; which is why we offer our clients a personal choice of one of three caregivers, to give a more personable sense of companionship. Our care managers will periodically assess client needs by In-Home visits once a month, and twice a month phone calls to ensure the quality of care is meeting the expectation of the client. We take elderly abuse to heart. We are mandated to report any forms of elderly abuse to adult protective services

Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. understands your need for urgent response and action. Thus, we have an on-call coordinator who can immediately respond to your home care needs. Our case manager is also available 24/7 to answer your calls and concerns with utmost urgency and proactivity.

We are looking forward to having you enjoy the benefits of our unique care soon. Do schedule an appointment with us by calling 866-CARE-331 or 310-679-5900.