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There will come a time in our lives (or in our loved one’s) when doing things on their own becomes difficult. Whether this is because of aging or disability, the need for someone to assist them becomes crucial for their health and safety. At this point, the patient and their family members will need to decide together on how to provide the best and most suitable care for their loved one. For this, you will have questions that need answers.

So we compiled this set of FAQs to set a direction for your decision. If there are items that need clarification, feel free to reach out to us at Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc.

What specific conditions of a client are you going to care for?

We provide home health care services to clients in their preferred location of care, whether at home or in another care facility. Our services are personalized according to the client’s condition, so it will be best to coordinate with us so we can create a care plan that works for your loved one’s care needs.

How well do you trust your care team?

All of our employees are screened and verified by the US Homeland Security and Social Security Administration. This means that once they are a part of our team, they are clear of criminal liabilities or history, therefore, trustworthy of their responsibility. We also continually inculcate the values of caring, loving, hardworking, trust, and professionalism.

How prepared are you about accidents or incidents while your care team is around?

We recognize that accidents are beyond our control, so all of our employees are bonded and insured. This way, we will take charge of all the obligations related to accidental consequences incurred by our staff while they’re on duty.

Can we decide who gets to care for our loved one?

Sure. In fact, we do encourage this arrangement because we recognize that seniors can be especially sensitive when being with others. They will need to be with someone who they feel safe and comfortable with. We allow our clients to choose out of 3 caregivers and not just assigned a caregiver to a client.

What particular services can our loved one receive from you?

Our services are catered for both personal and healthcare needs of your loved one. They will be given assistance not only with their meals, hygiene care, or medications, but also with their medical need such as infusion services, HIV/AIDS care, and other health concerns. For a personalized level of care, feel free to arrange with our team at Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc.

What is In-home care?

In-home care is a type of service provided by compassionate caregivers for clients in the comfort of their own home.

How long have you been in business?

Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. has been serving our clients since 2005, as established by our founder and owner, Annetta Sparks.

Is your agency recognized by any accredited organizations?

We are a recognized affiliate of Private Duty Homecare Association, AGS Geriatrics Healthcare Professionals, National Association for Home Care & Hospice, and the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH).

What services do you offer?

All our staff team at Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. is well-trained to provide assistance in activities of daily living (ADLs) such as personal care, grooming, preparing meals, housekeeping, monitoring medications, and home infusion, among others. For a detailed listing, visit our services page.

Do you offer short- and long-term In-home care services?

We work to assist the personalized needs of care for the clients. Whether these are short-term or long-term amount of care, our professional staff is ready to assist.

Do you provide assistance to clients who are not in their homes?

We are composed of well-trained and highly qualified care providers. We go to where our clients need us whether it’s in their home or in their preferred location of care. We also coordinate closely with their family members so that their transition of care assistance is smooth.

Do you meet the clients in their own homes?

For in-home care services, we do come to the client’s home and conduct in-home assessment through our case manager. After the assessment, a plan of care will be created to determine how the client should be properly cared for in a way that suits their specific needs.

What makes Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. different?

At Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc., what makes us different is that:

  • we offer complimentary services
  • we offer transitional care to clients who are with our agency for 5 months or more
  • we offer volunteer companion to our clients (from the bundle of joy in the agency)
  • we offer sober coaching
  • we offer mobile phlebotomy, home infusion
  • specialized supervision
  • we service to LGBTQ
  • we service to HIV/Aids
Are your care providers being supervised when they are assisting the clients?

Yes, we supervise our care team through periodical assessments done by in-home visits. We want to verify for ourselves if our client is receiving the service they deserve. We also call the client and their family twice a month along with electronic visit verification.

What are your service hours?

At Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc., our caregivers are accessible from 3 to 24 hours a day. All the services can also be provided 7 days in a week including holidays. Our office hours are 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday – Friday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. For any urgent concerns, our case managers can be contacted 24/7.

Who are your caregivers?

Our team is composed of well-trained CNAs, Home Health Aides, Companions, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Registered Nurses.

Can your care providers extend transportation assistance and accompany the clients to their doctor’s appointments and other activities outside the home?

Definitely. We highly support the overall wellbeing of our clients. We can drive and accompany them to their doctor’s appointments, and if they have important gatherings to attend outdoors, we will also be there to assist them through transportation and companionship.

Will insurance companies cover in-home care?

For information about the insurance coverage and companies affiliated with our care services, kindly coordinate with our Case Managers to assist you in this matter. Contact us for further details.

Does the VA also allow for home care assistance for veterans and their surviving spouses?

Veterans and their surviving spouses who need home assistance due to their disabilities or other age-related factors may be qualified under federal required benefits for veterans. Kindly coordinate with our Case Managers for more details on this matter.

Who makes the payments for the services?

Payments for the care services are billed directly either to the client or their family.

What are the minimum hours you require?

3 hours per visit.

Do you provide Home Health Services?

While our care providers at Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. are not all licensed medical professionals, they have close coordination with the client’s home health providers. They can help the client get in touch with medical personnel to assist them.

Do you offer Hospice services?

Even if our care providers at Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. are not authorized to provide Hospice care to our clients, they work closely with Hospice facilities and can assist and help clients to make contact with hospice providers to ensure that their loved one is comfortable in the last stages of life.

Many of our caregivers have been trained and specialized in the care of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Most of our clients remain in the comfort of their homes until the end.

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