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How to Deal with the Fear of Going into Surgery

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It’s perfectly normal to fear an upcoming surgery at certain degrees. Also known as preoperative or preoperational anxiety, feelings of anxiety exist for some reason including the fear of the unknown, anesthesia, pain, having to recover around strangers, losing control, not being able to recover, or worries about the surgery not working.

Whether it’s your first time having surgery or not, talking to your surgeon about your fears can help. Of course, you will have no idea what the results of the surgery will be but the physician who will perform the surgery can provide a realistic guide for the outcome and course of recovery. Develop trust in your medical team to reduce your overall fear and anxiety. If you feel that the practitioners are there to help you with all their best, you will start to feel in control again.

As you are preparing before the surgery, also plan for what’s next so you will have to focus all your energy on getting better and healing. Think of the healing process before it has begun. Find out how you can care for yourself, who else will be taking care of you, what they will have to do, your length of recovery, what to do to fill your days during recuperation, and more. Your physician will also give you preoperative and post-surgery tips that are worth complying with.

You can also access professional support. When you or your loved ones are heading into surgery, reach Loving Hearts Private Care, Inc. We will be there to provide compassionate and comprehensive care services before, during, and after your surgery.

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