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Home health aides’ careers threatened by low wages

senior disabled women and her caregiver

Home aides are being tested by the low wages that are being given for such a profession that is needed. The states around the country are asking for higher wages for home health aides. The U.S is in shortage of nearly 450,000 home aides by 2024 due to cutbacks. Many companies are always giving raises but as for home caregivers, they are making about $12.00 or under and are below the poverty line. Home care health aides are needed to be treated well mainly because of how dedicated they are and sources say that there are 2 million health aides working as of today in the U.S. Home health aides also prevents costly and dangerous hospitalizations and sources say that 14 million stay at home with aides so they could avoid nursing homes and hospitals. Some of the things home health aides help individuals with is, medication, getting out of bed, bathe, prepare meals, helps get dressed, and sometimes transportation is needed also.

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